Meet ARDC Volunteer Grant Writer and Researcher Kara Donohoe

ARDC Volunteer Grant Writer Kara Donohoe with her dog Sully
Kara Donohoe is the focus of today’s #meetusonmonday series. Hailing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, (yup, home of the book/movie The Perfect Storm) where it’s cold and people say things like “chowdah,” Kara is a volunteer Grant Writer/Researcher for ARDC, and we couldn’t be more honored. 🙏
She is in the MFA program for Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University (Hahvahd, if you’re from MA), which is where she learned of ARDC ‘s internship and volunteer opportunities. 🖌
She loves animals and organizations that do too, which is how she became involved with Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe. 🐾
Pictured along with Kara are her pups, Sully the lab, a notorious sock stealer, and Albee, her well-seasoned couch potato.
Kara and her dog Sully
Kara and her dog Sully
Albee the dog