Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe offers a wide array of fun and engaging pet therapy, community building, and humane education programs for people of all ages.

Our children's programming is ideally suited for pre-k centers, schools, libraries, and after-care programs. Our project-based learning modules enhance your curriculum, and seamlessly integrate humane animal practices into science, math, ELA/writing, and social studies. We offer special kids' events (such as Birthday Pawties), and have ready-made programs for scout troops earning merit badges in pet care, the environment, and career development.

For college and university students, our engaging, thought-provoking, career-oriented, and service programs are perfect for pre-vet clubs, career centers, and volunteer organizations. And, of course, we can bring a nationally certified therapy dog with us to make the event even more special. 

Our professional development programs are ideally suited for educators, and our team-building, community service and "Lunch and Learn" sessions are perfect for your business or organization. 

Our "Careers in Animal Welfare" program is an innovative workshop that explores some of the more creative and entrepreneurial jobs working with and on behalf of pets. We have modules for children, college students, and adults where you can learn about the skills to succeed and the many exciting careers in a field that's grown from $16 billion in 1994 to more than $90 billion today

All programs are available virtually.

The One Leash Project™

For ages 9-adult. Participants learn how to make dog leashes from re-purposed climbing rope, while they estimate, measure, and subtract (math), write a letter of dedication (ELA/writing), and learn the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling (social studies and science). Since this program started, we’ve kept more than 6,000 lbs. of material from entering landfills, and many of the leashes are provided for free to first responders, whom we train to secure pets in emergencies and return them to their owners.

Responsible Pet Care

Learn how to be a more responsible dog parent and the care required to ensure a long, healthy, happy relationship with your pet. How often should you go to the veterinarian? What are the best ways to bond? What prevention measures yield the biggest results (vaccinations, microchips, spay/neuter, collars with id's, etc.)? These are just a few of the topics covered in this fun, thought-provoking, engaging class.
My daughter went to a  dog-themed birthday party, and you came to read a story, help the kids learn how to approach dogs they don’t know, and introduce them to a dog. My daughter had always been very scared of animals and we had been working to ease her anxieties so we could get a family pet.

You gave her so much more confidence at that party that we were able to think about getting a dog of our own. It has changed our family!
Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe
Kara R.

Humane Animal Practices and Bite Prevention Skills

Participants learn the skills and knowledge to be more confident and safer around pets and strays.

We've worked with all age ranges from children (as young as 3 years old) all the way up through adults to promote positive human-animal interactions.

The material covered is appropriate for each age group, and is fun and engaging, with activities to reinforce the topics covered.

Careers in Animal Welfare

This innovative and thought-provoking program exposes students from 3rd grade to adults to the many careers working with - and on behalf of - pets. The pet service and pet products industries have grown five-fold in revenue in the last 25 years and are expected to grow both during and after the pandemic. Ideally suited for libraries, high school, college and university students, and adults.

We also provide resources for volunteering, internships, and professional experience in these fields. This is a STEM/STEAM-aligned program, and is a wonderful and unique addition to Career Days at schools.

Read this testimonial from one of our participants: "Tonight I attended the most important event...that opened my eyes wide to so many careers, one of which I just might pursue since I'm no longer pre-vet. Thanks @atlantarescuedogcafe." 

We are a platinum-level Candid organization

Since 2019, we've received four consecutive platinum ratings by Candid, the highest award from this independent nonprofit rating agency. Essentially, that means we have high impact, and are transparent, faithful to our mission, and responsible financial stewards with the funds we receive.

Can I Pet Your Dog?™

For ages 3-8. An interactive read-aloud program that teaches children how to approach unfamiliar dogs safely to avoid getting bitten. Focuses on such virtues as empathy, kindness, and compassion.

Figurative Language with Fluffy

For 5th grade and up. This innovative English Language Arts (ELA) program teaches such elements as cliches and idioms, and allows students to explore whether they illustrate examples of humane or inhumane animal practices (e.g., "put the cart before the horse," "kill two birds with one stone," "let the cat out of the bag," "barking up the wrong tree," etc.). Students are encouraged to develop alternative figures of speech, while gaining a critical understanding of how we use language in our daily lives and the importance of our words.
Thank you for coming out to our Girl Scout Troop and leading an amazing program! Having the therapy dogs on site to show appropriate animal-person interaction was definitely very memorable for the girls (and they are still talking about it), but equally impressive was how you worked in so many lessons while keeping the program fun and engaging.

I highly recommend it to any youth program or educator. Thank you for what you do.
Cas P.
Girl Scout Troop Leader