Map of Access to Veterinary Care in Chicago

Map of Access to Veterinary Care in Chicago Broken Down by Zip Code and Per Capita Income

Some time ago, we posted a map of Atlanta, broken down by zip code with each zip code’s corresponding per capita income (PCI). The large number in each zip code showed the number of veterinary practices in that area…and wouldn’t you know it, a pattern emerged: in general, zip codes with higher PCI’s, i.e., more wealth, have more access to sustained veterinary care for their pets. That was in Atlanta.

Well, to see if this was an isolated incident, we conducted research for other cities, and found a similar pattern for Chicago (per the map).

What does this mean, and why is it significant?

People who live in wealthier areas tend to enjoy more access to care for their four-legged family members; they also have more opportunities to engage with and learn from veterinarians about pet care – information that also helps keep pets in homes, off the streets, and out of shelters.

And stay tuned as we have more research for other cities coming out over the next few weeks.

Special thanks to Emory University student Isabel Coyle for her superb research and for creating the graphics for this enlightening map.