Keeping Our Pets Safe and Comfortable This 4th of July

Great Dane Roxy Grace

Let’s face it, while the 4th of July is cause for celebration, and especially so this year, the fireworks and loud noises can scare the bejeezus out of our pets. In fact, more pets enter shelters (and families report missing pets) after this holiday than at any other time during the year. A few things we can do to keep them safe and comforted are:

  • Make sure our pets have their collars (with ID) on at all times.
  • Get our pets microchipped and ensure the info is updated with the microchip company (check with your vet, the shelter where you got your pet, or your pet’s microchip company to see if all info is up-to-date).
  • If your pet goes out for a bathroom break during the fireworks, consider keeping them on a leash – even in a fenced-in yard.
  • If possible, stay home with your pet to reassure them they’re safe.