Keep Pets from Becoming Rescues in the First Place

Girl with Husky

Just a few tips on things we can all do to help keep pets in homes, off the streets, and out of shelters:

1) Make sure your pet always wears its collar (with proper ID) – that way, if it gets out, someone can easily contact you and reunite you and your pet.

2) Get your pet microchipped and keep the info updated through the microchip company’s website – if your pet’s collar comes off, this helps your pet get returned to you.

3) Vaccinate your pet, and keep all records. If your pet gets bitten, it’s less likely to get sick. And if it bites someone (or another pet), it’s less likely to be quarantined in a shelter because its vaccination status is known.

4) Register your pet with the local municipality.

5) If you have children, speak with them about how to responsibly care for a pet, and model those behaviors for them.

Together, we can prevent pets from becoming strays and ever entering a shelter as a “rescue.” This helps animal shelters reduce their euthanasia rates, which benefits the community’s pets and people. Thank you.