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Community Outreach with Atlanta Police Department

The Importance of Community Outreach

Community-Building, outreach, & education are a huge part of advocating on behalf of the pets and people of the ATL, and helping to keep pets safely in homes, off the streets and out of shelters. We’re honored to partner with the Atlanta Police Department anti-cruelty unit, whose efforts are needed now more than ever. Many […]
Couple with Dog

Healthy Pets, Healthy People

As we highlight various elements of responsible pet care this month, the CDC has some wonderful resources on the subject, from how to choose the right pet to teaching children how to interact with animals. The article below covers these issues and so much more. We think it’s worth checking out. Thank you to our […]
Alicia with Her Dog Luna

Meet Our Intern Alicia Mercado

Meet our newest intern, Alicia Mercado. Alicia is a senior at Emory University, where she’s studying philosophy and psychology with a minor in ethics. She wants to pursue a career in nonprofits and make the world a better place in whatever small way possible. Alicia is passionate about sustainability and conservation, and loves animals! She has a […]
Atlanta Police Officers with ARDC Leashes

The Importance of Collaboration & Innovation

Collaboration & innovation are key to problem-solving – with nonprofits, government, & the private sector. Animal control services everywhere are consistently under-resourced, so, along with Georgia State University Recreational Services, we made dog leashes from re-purposed climbing rope and then distributed them to Atlanta’s finest (City of Atlanta Police Department). These leashes, which can easily […]
Girl with Husky

Keep Pets from Becoming Rescues in the First Place

Just a few tips on things we can all do to help keep pets in homes, off the streets, and out of shelters: 1) Make sure your pet always wears its collar (with proper ID) – that way, if it gets out, someone can easily contact you and reunite you and your pet. 2) Get […]
Two Kids and a Dog

January is “Walk Your Dog Month”

January is “Walk Your Dog Month.” Who knew there was such a thing, right?!? Either way (if we’re physically able), walking with our dog on a daily basis helps promote bonding between you and your pup, is a great opportunity to do some obedience training, and has so many health benefits – on both ends […]
Jackie Jaffe

Reflections on a Virtual Internship with Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe

My Remote Internship: Exploring the New Normal with Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe June 04, 2020 by Jackie Jaffe This past week has been one that I’ll never forget. I’ve learned about non-profit operations, marketing, and so much more…all from the comfort of my home. On Tuesday, May 26th, I began my remote DukeEngage internship with Atlanta […]