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ARDC Intern Rachel with her dog Dinho

When a Rescue Group or Shelter Claims it’s “No Kill,” What Does That Actually Mean? The Answer, it Turns Out, is Complicated.

An Original Thought-Piece by ARDC Intern, Rachel Vellanikaran Recently, I had the opportunity to research the “No-Kill movement” and the implications it has on our current approach to animal rescue and welfare. This has been incredibly eye-opening and insightful to my understanding of the operations and values of shelters and rescue groups.  The No-Kill movement […]

Small Paws, Big Impact – Our 2020 Impact Report

Oftentimes, nonprofits (us included) have great difficulty “telling our story.” We tend to be so mission-driven & focused on our impact, that we rarely have the time, talent, and skill-set to clearly communicate what we do, & how & why we do it. Thankfully, we’ve been fortunate to link up with some amazingly talented volunteers […]
ARDC Intern Camila with pup Turbo

Meet ARDC Intern Camila Calvino

We’d like you to meet our new intern, Camila Calviño, a sophomore at Emory University studying Business and Spanish Linguistics. She was born in Montevideo, Uruguay but grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She absolutely love animals! Back home, NJ, she has a 5-year-old beagle named Turbo and 2 guinea pigs named Jojo and Bowie. […]
Image of Pit Bull

What’s the Deal with Pit Bulls?

One of our amazing interns, Alicia, is super passionate about demystifying the stigma & stereotypes surrounding pit bulls, so she did some research, & put together these helpful infographics. Thanks, Alicia, for all that you do to help us promote positive human-animal interactions, & advocate on behalf of the people & pets in the community. […]
ARDC Intern Rachel

ARDC Intern Rachel Vellanikaran

This week, we’d love you to meet our newest intern, Rachel Vellanikaran. Rachel is currently a sophomore at Emory University, where she’s studying biology. She is super passionate about animal health and sciences and hopes to pursue veterinary medicine after her undergraduate studies. On campus, she’s involved in the Emory Pawsitive Outreach Club, the Emory Undergraduate […]