Our mission: to reduce the flow of pets into shelters and prevent animal cruelty through innovative pet therapy, community-building, & humane education programs.

Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe is an educational non-profit dedicated to the well-being of the community’s pets and people.  Our innovative and engaging pet therapy, humane education, and community-building programs (now available virtually) emphasize such values as: empathy, kindness, and compassion.

Since 2018, we've reached more than 15,000 participants throughout the U.S., in more than 20 countries, and on six continents (more than 80% of whom are children, and approximately 40% are in Title One schools and under-represented communities).

Our "One Leash Project," which re-purposes climbing rope into dog leashes, are provided for free to first responders.  We have kept more than 3,300 pounds of material out of landfills, and given thousands of leashes to police officers and firefighters to help keep pets in homes, off the streets, and out of shelters.

We are a platinum-level GuideStar organization

Since 2019, we've received two platinum ratings by Guidestar, the highest award from this independent nonprofit rating agency. Essentially, that means we have high impact, are transparent and faithful to our mission, and are responsible financial stewards with the funds we receive.

Sooo...where's the cafe? Good question.

We're a "cafe" in the sense that a cafe is where conversation happens, and we're trying to generate conversation on what we - as a community - can do to promote positive human-pet relationships and prevent animals from ever entering shelters.

While our programs currently take place in educational, community, and corporate settings, our goal is to one day have a non-profit cafe with a dedicated educational space. And that would make us very happy.