Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe

Making People’s and Pets' Lives Better

Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe is an educational non-profit dedicated to the well-being of the community’s pets and its people.

Our mission is to reduce the inflow of pets into our area's already overcrowded shelters, and prevent incidents of animal cruelty - through humane education.

We achieve this by offering innovative and engaging programs emphasizing: empathy, kindness, compassion, and responsibility. Our goal is to reach as many Atlanta residents (especially students) as possible.

Sooo...where's the cafe? Good question.

We're a "cafe" in the sense that a cafe is where conversation happens, and we're trying to generate conversation on what we - as a community - can do to promote positive human-pet relationships and prevent animals from ever entering shelters.

While our programs currently take place in educational, community, and corporate settings, we aim to one day have a non-profit cafe with a dedicated educational space and senior dog sanctuary. And that would make us very happy.